Up Next: Woman with Roadkill

The Silpe Gallery is proud to present Woman with Roadkill: Works by Cara DeAngelis in the gallery June 14-19, 2014.

Cara was the first prize-winner of last fall’s Hartford Art School Juried Alumni Exhibition, which awarded her the opportunity for this exhibition in our gallery.

Born and raised in the wooded terrain of Connecticut, Cara had a natural inclination toward the work she makes concerning death and domestication. Cara has had several recent solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows throughout the US.  She is a recipient of the CT Office of the Arts Fellowship Grant for 2012, as well as the Barbara Deming/Money for Women Grant. She has had full fellowships at both the Vermont Studio Center and the Prairie Center of the Arts. In 2010 she was awarded residency at the Terra Foundation in Giverny, France. She is also a recipient of the Rudolph Zallinger Painting Award. In 2011, Cara graduated with her Bachelor’s degree from Hartford Art School, and her Master’s degree from the New York Academy of Art.

Cara’s artist statement reads:

“The two central themes of my work are the Domestic and the Wild. These themes are embodied in my series on roadkill, which is presented through the rich and historically-loaded language of still life. My process involves finding the remains of animals that have been hit on the road and bringing them home. I set them up in compositions that both pay homage to, and satirize, 17th century hunting still lifes. The still lifes and portraits of animals on aristocratic laps explore the long-standing confrontation between wildlife and an increasingly industrialized planet.
The inclusion of dolls and children’s toys in my paintings are used to symbolize nostalgia and the infantile. This creates a fascinating disparity between the two worlds forced together in an absurd union, they’re also a means of finding some humor in tragedy.”

Please join us for this stand-out exhibition of new works by the talented Cara DeAngelis.


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