Wonder + Awe

We are pleased to present the first in a new semi-annual series of alumni-curated alumni exhibitions presented in the Silpe Gallery.  Alumni curator, Margaret Vaughan (BFA, 2012) has carefully selected a group of fellow alumni artists from varying decades whose work explores the sublime in contemporary art with both wonder and awe.

Exhibition Dates: October 4-22, 2014
Closing Reception:
 Wednesday, October 22, 2014, 5-7 p.m.
Curated by Margaret Vaughan (BFA, 2012)

As artists evolve, they continue to seek delineation of the insurmountable greatness of humanity. In the years of the Hudson River School and the Great Frontier, artists used landscapes as a way of describing the sublime reality they were confronted with. These encounters took on powerful meaning of the unknown; representing the almighty while grappling with humanity’s minute understanding of existence. After the last of the frontiers are conquered, and the wanderlust is reabsorbed, what do we now use to satiate those cravings? In contemporary times how do artists achieve the same ethereal feelings? Continually and eternally as Jean-Francois Lyotard in The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge notes, artists always strive to put the “unpresentable in presentation itself”. Artists now are seen to be the harbingers of sublime connectivity in a world that has grown to exponential heights of travel and communication. Contemporary makers have turned inward, making visceral advances on the search for enlightenment while being constantly reminded of our insignificance; referencing depictions of intimacy; and allowing for bewilderment in a continually numbing existence. Through these connections, a new kind of sublime is created and executed through contemporary practice.


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