INK! Prize Winners

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to celebrate the INK! exhibition. We had a great crowd in the gallery as Jenni Freidman, the organizer of the exhibition, read a statement written by the jurors and announced the three prize winners. Our winners are:

hubbleThird Prize – $100
Anna Orbovich
St. Paul, MN
Hubble: Eye of the Universe

“This hand bound artist book contains aquatint etchings, monotypes, letterpress, and hand made watermarked paper, as well as information about the Hubble Space Telescope. Limited Edition of 3.”

iron man 1iron man 2

Second Prize – $250
Joseph Lupo
Morgantown, WV
IRON MAN books

“These books are two small saddle stitched books, replicating the pages of the original IRON MAN comic book, with all the imagery and narrative taken out, leaving a more formal or abstract version.”

bemboFirst Prize – $500
Katie Baldwin
Huntsville, AL
The Specimen of Bembo

“I am interested in the physical limitations of cast type and letterpress printing. I cast an entire case of 14 pt. Bembo type, and then set the type, letter by letter, on the bed of the press. To my surprise, the bed exactly accommodated the entire case of type. This print is a specimen sheet of the of hand-set type.”

Congratulations to our winners! We will be in touch today to let you know how to claim your prizes.


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