Summertime Closure

The Silpe Gallery has been dark since commencement in May and will stay that way through the rest of  the summer.  We have been undertaking some significant repairs and upgrades and look forward to unveiling our new, updated gallery in September.Among the renovations:

– We replaced the heavy, long curtains with elegant, modern roller shades.

– We installed a new security system with new door alarms and a live camera feed to Public Safety.

– We installed a new lighting system, more than doubling the number of light fixtures we had last year.

– We’re having the walls smoothed and repainted for a clean start and brightened overall look.

– We’re having new moulding installed to replace the old, cracked, and missing moulding.

– We’re having our electrical outlets upgraded and new outlets installed.  This is a significant improvement, making the space more user-friendly and less frustrating when you have work that needs to be plugged in but you’ve placed it 25 feet away from the nearest working outlet.

– We have plans to install a sound system in the space to allow for the use of wireless microphones and to give us the ability to play music.

All renovations and repairs should be complete by August 28, just in time for the start of our new season.  We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve done.

Thank you to the Silpe Family for their ongoing support of the Hartford Art School, and especially their namesake, the Donald and Linda Silpe Gallery.


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