Gilman. Pieper. Selwyn. Wenzel. 1968-2015

The Silpe Gallery is thrilled to present our next alumni-curated alumni exhibition opening late-September 2015.

Gilman. Pieper. Selwyn. Wenzel. 1968-2015, curated by Mike Scricco ’72 (design) features the work of Randy Gilman (sculpture), Philip Pieper (sculpture), Paul Selwyn (painting), David T. Wenzel ’72 (painting).

The four featured artists in this exhibition were classmates at the Hartford Art School between the years of 1968 and 1972. This was, to say the least, a turbulent time.

Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King had been killed in the spring and summer of 1968. There we race riots down the street in Hartford just before classes commenced in 1969. The Vietnam War raged on, student protests were common and a cultural revolution was underway.

Pop-Art, Op-Art, and Conceptual Art were all pushing their way forward easing the established art world to reconsider their place. The same changes were going on at the Hartford Art School. Photography, ceramics, and advertising/graphic design were added to the curriculum. Soon a new dean would arrive to add to the mix.

In the words of curator, Mike Scirocco ’72 (design), “It was a fascinating time to be at HAS.”

Thanks to their valuable learning experiences at the Hartford Art School, the artists in this show have prospered in diverse ways in the many years since. The common thread that links them is the exploration of conceptual illustration, and this show aims to explore their work as it grows and changes in the time between 1968 and 2015.

Please join us from September 26-October 15, 2015 for Gilman. Pieper. Selwyn. Wenzel. 1968-2015


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