The Walls Stripped Bare of His Bachelor Pad, Even.

In the tradition of artists collecting the work of other artists, The Walls Stripped Bare of His Bachelor Pad, Even is an exhibition of art from the personal collection of Hartford Art School faculty member Mark Snyder. This show, on view September 2-15, 2015 will include works in a variety of disciplines, media, and subject matters by Hartford Art School faculty, alumni, and others. 
Mark Snyder, associate professor of Visual Communication Design has been a faculty member of the Hartford Art School for the past 21 years. He received his BFA in textile and graphic design from Miami University, and his MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. An avid art lover, Snyder began collecting artwork from classmates at Miami University and has spent nearly 30 years adding to his collection with the work of Hartford Art School students, faculty, staff, visiting artists, and others outside of the University.
While showcasing the work of many talented artists, Faculty Collects will also display the keen eye and artistic preferences of its collector, Mark Snyder.



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